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Useful Information

  • A. Papers

    • -Hardware-assisted Intrusion Detection by Preserving Reference Information Integrity [Georgia Tech] site link
    • -Secure Embedded Processing through Hardware-assisted Run-time Monitoring [NEC, Princeton] site link
    • -Hardware-assisted circumvention of self-hashing software tamper resistance [Stanford] site link
  • B. White Paper

    • -A Roadmap for Cybersecurity Research [Homeland Security] site link
    • -Emerging Cyber Threats Report 2014 [Georgia Institute of Technology] site link
    • -Security Threat Report [Sophos] site link
    • -NSF Cybersecurity: Opportunities for Innovation [NSF] site link
    • -Biometric-Based Authentification for Cyberworld Security [Canadian Defense & Foreign Affairs Institute] site link
    • - Cyber Security Research Challenges & Approaches [CDAC] download file
  • C. Articles

    • -JPMorgan Chase Hack Affects 76 Million Households [NY Times] site link
    • -2013 Top 10 Vulnerabilities [OWASP] site link
    • - [The Washington Post] site link
    • -[The New York Times] site link