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1) Services

2) Consulting

Provide advanced technical consulting to user agencies by analyzing malware, cybercrimes and attacks.

  • HSI (Human-Security Interactions)

    The cyber security must be one of key technologies to enjoy the advance and cores of IT technologies.

    The hardware-assisted security is to build a strong foundation as an emerging area , and its commercialized products would come forth. Here, Soteria.

    Systems provides unique, strong, robust and innovate fundamental in entering a new Human-Security Interactive Solution. The project highlights how the cognitive computing systems, bio-metric information and dedicated hardware show evolutionary deployment of new programmable hardware accelerators and user-centric security solutions.

    • UCIS (User-Centric Integrated Security)UCIS

      That is, UCIS (User-Centric Integrated Security) becomes crucial to success of ubiquitous environment and cloud systems. Our innovative intelligent identity management and access control would be compiled into anti-tamper personalized forensic DB and cognitive informatics to meet the worlds increasing security demands.

    • Log Analysis and Management

      Our experts provides an effective log management and analysis solution based on log and information integrity system; analyzing log files, configuration file, shell history, socket access and kernel modules.

      In addition, we visualize data that matters with web-based reporting systems, and critical insights it can provide to understand.

3) Maintenance and Training

We fully provide periodic maintenance services and training for powerful full utilization of state-of-the art security solutions and trends.


Technical Support


HSI (Human-Security Interactions)
UCIS (User-Centric Integrated Security)

Maintenance and Training