ATLANTA, GA – (November 17, 2014) – Soteria Systems, LLC, announces the launch of its revolutionary and propriety suite of cybersecurity products that provide pioneering solutions based in hardware that protect computer systems and associated data; prevent data breaches, cyber-attacks, compromise of computer systems and cloud storage; and combat cyber-crimes.

Soteria Systems will be the first to enter the marketplace with this emerging technology, a hybrid use of hardware and software (HW/SW).

The Atlanta-based technology and innovation company will hold a press conference and reveal their ground-breaking suite of comprehensive hardware-assisted cyber security solutions and services on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center, 800 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308 at 11:30 a.m.

While there are hardware-based security solutions that are based on cryptography, there are no commercial products that provide comprehensive, impenetrable security solutions implemented in hardware. Soteria Systems is the first technology company to introduce the concept of a cyber “black box” and its application to information security and digital forensics, and develop a commercial product for manufacturing.

Soteria Systems will introduce the following innovations:
  • Server BlackBox™
  • StealthShield™ (Web-based Anomaly Detector)
  • HAIMS™ (Hardware-Assisted Intrusion Monitoring Systems)

The Server BlackBox,TM the company’s hallmark innovation, is a hardware system with asymmetric co-processor technology that protects the integrity of data aggregation and processes. It cannot be compromised, modified or manipulated.

The products were developed by Joseph Kim, Ph.D., founder of Soteria Systems, LLC, an adjunct professor at Georgia Tech and an award-winning researcher. Kim dedicated his time to research and development on digital conversion systems utilizing many core architectures. That work led him to invent a hardware/software (HW/SW) cooperative solution for cybersecurity.

“Society is very dependent on internet infrastructure. Now, more than ever, cyber-attacks, data breaches, invasion of private information online, and cybercrimes are a growing threat for enterprise and consumers.” said Kim. “Everything happens in software. What I created is a revolutionary HW/SW hybrid system that can protect computer systems and data storage against intrusions; prevent cyber-attacks; and provide law enforcement with digital forensic evidence they can use to prosecute cybercrimes and track down hackers.”

It is ground-breaking because Soteria Systems’ Append-only-Storage architecture fundamentally prevents data tampering and breaches, and provides advanced threat remediation and digital forensics by hardware/software cooperative mechanisms. Activity and behaviors cannot be erased, modified, or overridden, ensuring data integrity.

What the aviation industry’s “black box” does for aircraft, Soteria Systems’ Server BlackBox™ does for computers, and is the first company in the marketplace to offer technology with this form of hardware-assisted security, an emerging trend and paradigm shift for end point products in the industry.

Since the embedded hardware implementation offers unique features that have not been addressed by software, Soteria’s Asymmetric Coprocessor Hardware Platform is a game-changing end-point security foundation.

This innovation allows for forensic evidence to be captured used by law enforcement and the courts to aid in cyber-crime investigations, prosecution and perhaps lawsuits involving cyber- attacks, data breaches, and theft of information. Until now, there has been no visible evidence to prove intrusive activity on a system, only written affidavits/statements of a crime.

The Server BlackBoxTM has a "replay" function that automatically displays a reenactment of what a hacker did through his/her computer. Every trace of activity is indelibly stored on the system. A hacker’s remote display and inputs when trying to tamper with a system is recorded as well, affording undeniable evidence to a court of law. Its replay function is so innovative, it may compel changes in legislation to accommodate the admission of the evidence it provides.

“The Server BlackBoxTM keeps track of all the changes of the registered files,” stated Dr. Lide Duan, assistant professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Texas at San Antonio who performed outside tests on the system. “The product should be valuable especially for those systems that require high-quality security and need to keep forensic data in a highly trusted way. I was impressed.”

Soteria Systems’ products are available to individuals and enterprises, and across industries worldwide. For more information, visit

About Soteria Systems, LLC

Soteria Systems LLC is a technology and innovation firm based in Atlanta, Georgia dedicated to providing new and advanced products to meet the world’s increasing data security demands. The company provides a ground-breaking suite of comprehensive hardware-assisted cyber security solutions and services that protect processed data and computer systems using pioneering technologies that include a hybrid use of hardware and software. Our distinct strength and core competency is that our solutions are hardware-based, allowing for uncompromising integrity. Append-only-Storage records all activity, behaviors and cannot be modified or redacted.