Server BlackBox ™

Hardware-Assisted HW/SW Cooperative Security

This product is the first to introduce the concept of Cyber Black Box developing Append-only Storage (AoS) [U.S. and PCT patents pending] and its application to information security. The AoS framework allows only read and append operations,

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Hardware-centric enterprise-speed protection as an add-on embedded system on web-server – High performance Anomaly Detection and Threat Management.

*Never Compromised
*Negligible Performance Degradation
*Novel Detection Algorithm?
*Minimal False Alarm

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HAIMS (Hardware-Assisted Intrusion Monitoring Systems) V1, V2

  • * Major Features
  • Log Integrity ~ File Integrity Checking ,Rootkit Detection
  • File Access Monitoring , End-point Contents Filtering
  • * Hardware-assisted Security Information and Event Management
  • * Never Compromised
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Secure Root

A fairly simple solution is to use public/private key pairs for authentication. The public key is stored on the server and the private key is stored on our local hardware platform in a hysically separate network.

When you attempt to connect to the server from your administration computer, authentication is done with the key pair instead of a password.....

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Numerous software-based security solutions have surfaced recently. However, since the security software itself can be contaminated and/or compromised, the security software may not always be dependable. In contrast, hardware can serve as a firm foundation for any security solution because it is not modifiable by remote users, including potential attackers.

  • – Hardware/Software Cooperative security solution and consulting service using Asymmetric Coprocessor Platform
  • – Unique and innovative hardware modules as a firm foundation for security software.
  • – Lead first-to-market and game changing technological advancement to meet the world’s increasing security demands.
  • – Most power-efficient big data servers using hundreds of nano-cell in Massively Parallel Processing Nand-flash Array (MPPNA)
  • – Secure Cloud Hosting